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Your privacy concerns are important to us; we collect non-identifiable information from users on an international level in order to run this service for statistical analysis of Internet websites and not people and/or individuals directly.

We dislike Spam ourselves and want to assure you we are not associated with it! Our purpose is to collect this information for statistical purposes only as described below.

Please be assured that no effort on our part is made to personally identify any individual and the information collected is as follows:

  1. When a visitor request pages from our site and/or (a user “third party” has a counter on their web site) our servers automatically log information like domain name and IP address, browser used and maybe versions etc. this type of information is not directly identifiable to any person or individual!
  2. Becouse of the very nature of our business we need to identify IP address and machines in order to see if a machine is unique when visiting a users site, to do this we send you a cookie, it quite literally is; if the cookie exists, then your machine has been here before and in this case you are not counted again! The only other information that is stored within that cookie is time of last visit and site identifiers (i.e. which site you visited).
  3. This site maintains a strict no Spam policy!

If you have any concerns over this or need any other information please contact us via our online contact forms.

Thank You


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